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Extreme Cleaning & Crime Scene Clean Up: your path to a better life

” A Little About Arlene ”

Hi my Name is Arlene CEO- Founder of Extreme Cleaning & Crime Scene Clean Up, this is a renew business, from 1993 when I was in partnership in Upper State New York. I decided to renew myself as well as the business, though my past and present brings me to Crime Scenes. I have more employees now, who all have been through intense training and are provided with Safety Cards issued by Safety and Compliance.

The Services we provide are within 3 departments:

  • . Cleaning: General Residential, Offices, Extreme Cleaning: Animal Odors Window Cleaning + Commercial & Warehouses
  • . Sanitation: General Residential Restaurants Move Ins & Outs, Extreme: Hoarders Restaurants, Diners, any Kitchen large or small, Sanitizing/removing grease build up and Grease Traps.
  • Basically a Cleaning Services, with the ability to tackle any tasks we are employed to do: Being Passionate Experienced Professionals very in depth Team Players along with Communication skills and Interpersonal Skills with the Knowledge of every aspects of each Department. This is what makes Extreme Cleaning Sanitation & Crime Scenes Efficient!
  • . There’s always a Supervisor with a crew, so the crew can concentrate on pleasing the Client. The Supervisor interacts with you, call resource or anything else the Client may need. Extreme Products can be Different depending on the Job, But most important all Products are Environmentally Safe- for our Clients Pets Plants and Our Team Players (OSHA) & (EPA)